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Machinery & Equipment Services

We are dedicated to total customer satisfation when it comes to producing the highest quality waxes in the industry.
The pattern making process is critical to success.To thah end,we are ready to consult and advise customers on how to make the best possible patterns on how to make the best possible patterns based on evaluating wax characteristics such as injection pressure,flow control,and temperature control in the wax-holding tank.
As an agent of MPI,the worldwide leader in wax-room equipment, we are able to supply update pattern-making technology with their support.
PCS is the Investment Casting Industries one-stop shop and the premier supplier of all products needed to operate a highly successful foundry.

Wax Injection Equipment

MPI 35 Series 4 Post
4 Post Wax Injector
MPI 45 Series Automatic
Automatic, Horizontal C-Frame Wax Injector
MPI 55 Series C-Frame
C-Frame Wax Injector
MPI 55 IGT Industrial Gas Turbine
C-Frame Wax Injector
MPI 105-12 Dual Station
Semi-Automatic Two-Station Wax Injector

Engineering Division

PCS has the experience,resources and capabilities necessary to handle every aspect of new foundry development.Our comprehensive services begin with our expertise in designing and engineering the layout of a highly optimized investment casting foundry. This includes the seletion and incorporation of all the necessary machines and equipment needed to meet the specifit needs of each customer.

Wax-Room Machines & Equipment (MPI in US)
Full Automatic Shell Coationg and Sanding Robot System (PCS Designed)
De-waxing Auto-Clave (LBBC in UK)
Bake-out design (PCS Designed)
All types of finishing machines (AW Bell in Australia )
Wax Release Agent (Stoner in US)
Caramic Foa Filter (Lanik in Czech)
Ceramic Core (Avignon in France)

Ceramic Injection Equipment

MPI 56 Series C-Frame
Semi-Automatic C-Frame Ceramic / Abrasive Slurry Injector
MPI 56R Ceramic Pump
Portable standalone ceramic pumping system

Jewelry Injection Equipment

MPI 74-1500
High pressure metal mold wax injector with vacuum.
MPI 75-300
One Machine for all Molds!

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