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Wax Product

As the leading wax manufacturer in the Investment Casting Industry,we offer a wide array of wax types to meet every demnd including:
[Filled Wax]
Jelwery Wax
Reclaimed & Reconstituted Wax
[Reclaimed & Reconstituted Wax]
Renner Waxes
Utility Waxes
[Sheet Waxes]
Sheet Waxes
[Noodel Wax]
Noodel Wax
[Dip Seal Wax]
Dip Seal Wax
[Attaching Wax]
Attaching Wax
[Patching Wax]
Patching Wax
[Water soluble Wax]
Water soluble Wax
Filled wax for pattern
Filled wax for pattern has high productivity and dimensional stability, high quality wax pattern can be manufactured.
Product name Moldability Productivity D.M.P.
 [mm] 200g/5sec/25
Characteristics of each wax
PCF-01-HG 7478 0.91.2 Faster solidification, high productivity and excellent dimensional stability
PCF-HT-1 7478 0.81.1 Good balance between moldability and productivity
PCF-11 9096 0.60.9 Wide range of molding conditions and wide use from small to large products
Straight wax for pattern
Straight wax for pattern has high moldability, it is possible to produce a wax pattern of smooth and beautiful skin.
Product name Moldability Productivity D.M.P.
 [mm] 200g/5sec/25
Characteristics of each wax
PCN-DN1 95102 0.60.9 Straight wax, but realized high strength and high productivity
PCN-11M16 8595 0.71.0 Excellent moldability, it can be used for thin wall products
Utility wax
Product name Type D.M.P.
 [mm] 200g/5sec/25
Characteristics of each wax
PCN-SW11 Soluble - 0.10.3 Slab It can be removed by weakly acidic (hydrochloric acid · citric acid) aqueous solution or water (however necessary time length)
PCN-A1M68 Sticky 6267 - Pellet It is suitable for adhesion of small to medium things with relatively low viscosity
PCN-A1M80 6772 - Slab Adhesive strength is strong and is suitable for adhering medium to large objects and foreign objects (wax and ceramics etc.)
PCN-P7M7 Patching 5458 25 Rod / Slab In round bar shape it can also be painted on the corrected part like crayon
PCN-P8M1 6468 ≧34 Slab Very soft and stretchy
PCN-S4 Dipseal 5559 0.60.9 Slab While having relatively hardness, low melting point
PCN-MC1 Machinable 7585 0.50.9 Rod Processing prototype wax by machining of lathes · milling machine